My name is Francis Barrett and I am a freelance Verbatim Reporter using a palantype system.

What is Verbatim Reporting or Speech to Text Reporting?

This system is known as Verbatim Reporting or Speech To Text Reporting which enables deafened or hard of hearing people to access meetings and conferences via speech displayed on a screen in text.

"From one-to-one meetings to huge conferences, I can provide a service to allow deafened and hard of hearing people to follow proceedings and participate fully in discussions along with their hearing colleagues"

This is done by me typing the spoken word at speeds in excess of 230 words per minute in Palantype chords and a computer processes this into full English displayed on a screen. An added bonus to this system is that, if required, you can have a verbatim transcript of the proceedings in addition to the simultaneous text on the screen.

A global service

There are approximately 15 accredited Verbatim Reporters in the country, we all travel regularly, nationally and internationally.

I myself have times where I work in Cardiff, London, Edinburgh, N Wales and Birmingham etc all within one week. I am also occasionally asked to work abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact me even if the assignment would entail a lot of travelling.